Why managing your online reputation is important

So many facets of our lives have changed as the influence of the internet has grown.  Perhaps one of the most useful tools provided by today’s internet, is the ability to search for a personal physician.   Not too many years ago, finding a new physician meant relying on word-of-mouth referrals.  Modern online search methods have become an increasingly popular way to not only find a physician, but to check their ratings.   It is estimated that nearly 70% of internet users consider online search as the most reliable way to find information about businesses and people.

A quick web search of physician comment and rating sites provides page after page of those sites.  Some of those sites, WebMD, for instance, can be considered reputable and fair, because the comments are managed and controlled by a moderator.  Chances are, an unfair comment regarding a physician will either be removed, or contradicted by more reasonable reviewers.

Not all sites are so well-controlled.

Recent studies have shown that trust in physicians has topped 70%, an all-time high.  Still, when perusing some physician rating sites, you would think that there are very few competent physicians.  Granted, some physicians are better than others, but what happens to cause a physician to appear to be unfit?  How about, cranks, keyboard warriors, and people who don’t understand a physician’s duties?  With a few nasty comments or mis-representations of a situation, the reputation of your practice can take an unwarranted hit.

As a physician, you’ve worked hard to build your practice into a trusted, responsive, and efficient place for your patients.  You feel you have a good rapport with your patients, and they with you.  Perhaps, your online reputation is taking an unwarranted hit that you’re not even aware of.

Your practice takes up most of your time, as well it should.  You don’t have time to scan each physician rating site to rebut unwarranted negative comments.  Even with your time constraints, there are still ways for you to manage your online profile.

Starting a blog that’s connected to your practice is a good way to respond to your patient’s questions and comments in a timely manner.  Facebook pages are also easy ways to connect with patients, and prospective patients.  Still, there is just no way for your to monitor every ratings website to see how your online reputation looks.  You need a professional, devoted, online information and marketing service to handle that for you.  Why not look to us?  We’re Marketing for Doctors.

At Marketing for Doctors, we offer a wide array of services designed to help the physician spread their brand, manage their reputation, and advertise their business.  We offer website design, social media management, graphic design, and video and photo messages for your waiting room.  We have the experience to know exactly which products your practice requires, we have the know-how to draw prospective patients to your practice, and we will strive to satisfy the needs of your practice.

If you’re ready to better manage, advertise, and control the information that affects your practice, contact us today!

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